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Bi-folding Door Panels



At the Bifold Door Shop, we have a very large number of options for you to create your perfect bi-folding door. We offer folding doors to suit most size openings; from 2 panels for small openings, right up to 16 panels for large openings and commercial properties.

As well as choosing the number of panels for your door, you can choose the configuration of the opening of your door. Choose a bi-folding door which folds left, folds right or split bifold doors folding in both directions! We are one of the very few companies which also gives you the choice between internally folding doors or externally folding doors.

With hundreds of options to choose from, we can ensure your finished bi-fold door is perfect for you and your home or workplace. Don't make do with a limited choice when you can have exactly what you require.

Maximise your interior space by choosing an outwards opening folding door. Keep furniture, storage, rugs or house plants next to your opening with no fear of being knocked or damaged by the door.

Protect plant pots and window boxes on your patio or window sill by choosing an inwards opening folding door.


Folding Doors Configuration


Please note: Shown are some examples of the configurations we can provide. Our full range includes up to 16 panels and open out folding doors as well as open in bi-fold doors.

Two Panel Bifold Doors

Two Panel Bifold Doors

Three Panel Bifold Doors

Three Panel Bifold DoorsThree Panel Folding Doors

Four Panel Bifold Doors

Four Panel Bi-fold Doors
Four Panel Folding Doors

Five Panel Bifold Doors

Five Panel Bifold Doors
Five Panel Folding Doors

Six Panel Bifold Doors

Six Panel Bifold Doors
Six Panel Folding Doors