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How much do bi fold doors cost?

Soon, our website will feature an online bifold door designer, where you will be able to choose options and design bifold doors and generate a  free quote.

In the meantime, you can contact one of our team and get a free, no obligation quote via email, phone or post.


Why are bi-fold doors still called 'bi-fold' when they have more than two panels?

This is a question many people have and the confusion surrounding the topic has been used by some bi-fold companies that do not use the word 'bi-fold' to try to appear more specialised than other bi-fold companies that do. 'Bi' does of course refer to two. The term bi-fold is used industry wide to describe folding sliding doors of any number of panels because it refers not to the entire number of panels used in the door, but the number of panels that fold during operation. Bi-fold doors fold in pairs, hence the term 'bi-fold'.


Do you stock infinity bifold doors/seamless bifold doors?

Because our bifold doors have a flush threshold, they can be used to create seamless integration between outside and in, as long as the two surfaces are level. Perfect for designing spaces with infinite views.


Do you stock garage bi fold doors?

Our bi fold doors are strong and tough enough to be used in garages with no problem. We can supply bi-fold doors with up to 16 panels, and the frame is strong enough to support a large opening without the need for support posts blocking the entrance. The flush threshold keeps the running track mechanism safely enclosed, allowing for it to be driven or riden over.