Bi-fold doors create the perfect festive atmosphere

Imagine a snowy winter day, hours spent outside making snowmen and enjoying the picturesque landscapes with family or friends. At lunchtime, everyone piles inside to a warm cooked meal around the table. Unfortunately, no one can really enjoy the snowy scene due to there only being a small window, misted with condensation.

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time imagine the house has bi-fold doors. Imagine the person doing the cooking being able to see everyone enjoying the snow outside. Imagine everyone around the table having a clear view of the snowy garden, freshly made snowman and trees decorated with lights. Imagine a brighter and happier atmosphere.

Bi-fold doors create the perfect setting with their long, panoramic view. In summer they are useful for creating a cool and airy inside atmosphere. In winter, they can help eliminate that ‘cooped up’ feeling that can occur over the holidays when it is too cold to go outside for long periods of time. Keep cosy and warm inside while still enjoying the outside view and maximising on the low light levels.

You don’t need to worry about opening the entire bi-fold door to allow people to enter and losing precious heat, with bi-fold doors you can open just a single door as normal. Buying a large Christmas present or bringing in extra furniture for guests? A bifold door allows easy access for large items. No more attempting to navigate narrow doorways and crushing fingers while risking dropping the item.

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