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Bi-folding Door Glasses

The Bifold Door Shop has a range of glasses to suit your needs. The glass you choose will have an effect of the temperature, noise levels, privacy and security of your home or business, so it's important to consider your options carefully and make an informed decision.

Since it is difficult to find blinds or curtains that will not get in the way of the function of folding doors, we also offer the option of bifold doors with integral blinds.

Double-glazed glass

Double glazed glass is made of two panes of glass separated by a spacer, allowing for an air space to remain in between. The air space is then filled with dehydrated air or gas and the entire unit is sealed to reduce penetration by water vapour.
Because air is a poor conductor of heat, the trapped air acts as a layer of thermal protection between the panes of glass. The result is a glass with maximum thermal insulating properties which provides clear visuals even at low temperatures, due to the spacer which contains a desiccant to absorb humidity from the air space and prevents condensation.
As well as being energy efficient and reducing heating costs, the glass also provides good sound-proofing qualities.



Tempered glass

Tempered glass is made by heating a pane of glass evenly and then cooling it much faster than usual, by blowing air on to both surfaces at the same time (a process known as air quenching). The rapid cooling of the glass increases the compression forces on the surface and the tension forces inside the glass, resulting in a glass that is four times stronger than standard. When it is broken, the glass shatters in to blunt cube-shaped fragments, reducing the likelihood of injury.
The toughened glass has good heat, wind and impact resistance, providing strong protection against both natural and criminal damage.



Low-E glass

Low emissivity coated glass is glass coated with very thin metallic coatings. These coatings are designed to reflect heat where required (in summer outside heat is reflected to help keep rooms cool and in winter heat is reflected inside to help keep rooms warm) without significantly reducing light transmission. The result is a low-glare glass with better resistance to UV rays, providing protection against fading to carpets, drapes and furniture.



Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made by placing a sheet of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) between two panes of glass and then fusing the unit with heat and pressure in an autoclave. The result is a single pane of laminated glass which looks the same as standard glass, as the PVB interlayer is invisible.
Laminated glass has many advantages over standard glass. It is able to withstand blows from heavy objects such as bricks or crowbars, providing excellent protection against break-ins. When it is broken the glass shards remain adhered to the PVB sheet, making it a good safety glass with the additional advantage of continuing to act as a barrier. This reduces the vulnerability of the building against other possible attacks such as bad weather or secondary looting.
The PVB interlayer also offers additional sound-proofing qualities as well as absorbing 99% of UV rays to prevent damage to interiors by fading without obscuring the view.



  Bifold Doors with Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds

We can supply our folding doors with integral blinds. These Venetian blinds are encapsulated between the panes of glass and operated via remote control. Small solar panels located externally recharge the motorised blinds.
Not only do integral blinds create a clutter-free solution to standard blinds, but they are maintenance-free, never requiring dusting or cleaning. The integrated blinds are protected from damage and also help to protect the interior and any furnishings from UV damage.

Integral blinds are perfect for situations where privacy or shading/blocking daylight is necessary, such as bedrooms or shops. During the day blinds can be raised to give a perfectly clear view, or lowered and tilted on bright sunny days to offer shade without completely blocking out light, and closed at night or when privacy is needed.