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Bi-folding Door Cills

We use a concealed track system with all running gear securely enclosed and out of sight. This system is strong, durable and water resistant. Most bifold door companies use exposed track systems which have many issues: the doors can be lifted off their tracks quite simply with the use of a crow bar, they are not usually water resistant, they can only open inwards and they have a raised threshold.
Because the stainless steel wheels we use have sealed bearings they are maintenance-free, whilst remaining to operate smoothly and quietly.

Advantages of a concealed in-line track system


  • Security - The doors are not easily removed from the tracks, increasing the security of your home.
  • Aesthetics - With no external rollers in view the base of your door looks neat and tidy.
  • Accessibility - A flush threshold provides good accessibility for wheelchair users and the elderly.
  • Safety - A flush threshold also helps to prevents accidents, especially if you have children running around.
  • Protection - The track system is concealed and water tight, preventing damage from water ingress.




Bifold Doors Threshold Options
Threshold 1 = Raised tracks with external cill. Threshold Two = Flush tracks with external cill. Threshold Three = Flush tracks. Threshold Four = Raised tracks.

Our folding doors come with a flush threshold as standard, or you can choose from a number of step, cill and threshold options. The flush threshold is particularly suitable for wheelchair users, children or the elderly. If preferred, you can choose a raised threshold in a finish to match your bifold doors. Both the raised and flush thresholds can be provided with an external cill.

Folding Doors Bottom Rebate Options

The bottom rebate is an optional extra to your folding doors, ideal for areas with severe weather conditions.
It provides the bifold doors with extra protection against water ingress, by diverting water away from the doors.