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Sliding Folding Bifold Doors in Architecturally Designed House

Welcome to the Bi-fold door shop

Bi fold doors are also known as Bi-folding Doors and Folding Sliding Doors. Our Bi-fold doors can also be used in place of where a window would conventionally be. Here a large opening is possible that doesn't extend to floor level. With this solution, a balcony can be used all year around and in any weather condition.


The Bi fold Door Shop supplies folding doors and windows in uPVC, aluminium, a selection of timbers or aluminium with timber cladding.
Suitable for external or internal use in homes or business properties, bi fold doors have the power to completely transform a space. They can be installed in new properties or extensions, or in existing buildings, replacing an existing doorway or window.

Our bi fold doors can be manufactured with up to 16 panels, either in one large door, or split into two sets of doors. Choose from inwards folding doors or outwards folding doors, depending on what is best for you in your situation.

We can supply folding doors that suit your needs, we can even offer corner bi-fold doors that require no centre support post, so you can have a clear entrance. A flush threshold allows for easy access and reduced risk or the bifold doors can be supplied with a sill if preferred.

Bi fold doors can increase the value of a property and add a unique design feature that is also highly practical. Glass folding doors offer increased light levels that can easily be controlled with integrated blinds. The temperature of a building on hot days can be controlled by opening up bifold doors and on cold days, the use of thermal glasses helps to retain precious heat.

The Bifold Door Shop offers a wide range of options to choose from, so the end result is a bespoke bi-folding door that meets your needs.

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