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Why choose the Bifold Door Shop?


At the Bifold Door Shop we offer more benefits than most bi-fold doors companies; a higher quality of product and more options for you to choose from.
We have a wide range of frames, finishes, glasses, configurations and extras available for you to create the perfect bifold doors for your space. With more options available to you, and great quality and attention to detail in every step, why make do with a door that doesn't quite meet your every requirement? We can meet your needs and excel them.


  1. Our folding door panels can fold inwards or outwards.
    Some companies have a limited choice and only offer bifold doors which open inwards. This is inconvenient and restrictive if your interior space is already small. With us you can choose the opening configuration to suit your needs, whether that is opening inwards or outwards, left, right or even split doors opening both ways.
  2. Our high security folding door hinges are smart and discreet.
    Some companies use large external hinges, covered with plastic to hide the screws. Not only are these a security risk but they are unattractive and detract from the neatness of the bifold doors. We use black hinges to blend in with the gaskets and which are secure by design to prevent the pin from being removed from the hinge.
  3. Our aluminium folding doors are thicker than standard.
    The extra thickness of our aluminium folding doors provides peace of mind with increased strength, durability and security. The thicker profile also provides greater resistance to denting, making our aluminium bi-fold doors suitable for commercial properties requiring heavy duty doors.
  4. Our aluminium folding doors are thermally broken.
    Thermally broken folding doors prevent heat loss, making them more energy efficient than standard bifold doors. Thermal breaks also reduce the build up of condensation, ensuring your bi-fold doors have a longer lifespan.
  5. We use heavy duty cleats on our aluminium folding doors.
    Our heavy duty cleats ensure the longevity of the joint and also allow for the use of bigger panels, making our aluminium bifold doors ideal for larger openings and commercial properties.
  6. The running tracks of our folding doors can be flush to the ground.
    Our bifold doors can have a cill if desired, but it is not necessary like it is with some companies. Our hidden tracks are not only water-tight but offer greater accessibility for wheelchair users and reduce the risk of accidents from tripping. The running gear of our folding sliding doors is concealed within the flush running tracks, making the bifold doors incredibly difficult to lift off their tracks with the use of a crow bar, providing increased security and protection against break-ins.
  7. Our bi-folding doors don't require a centre post.
    Some companies require larger openings to have a centre post blocking your vast entrance space for structural support. With our bi-folding doors you can enjoy an unspoilt view, no matter what size your entrance is.